We are the only source for outdoor allergen levels in Canada

Our database contains daily pollen and spore levels for 30 sites across Canada, many of them going back more than 15 years. This data can be used in support of clinical trials and other health, agricultural, or environmental research. Click here for more info.

We are the best source for outdoor allergen levels in North America

We work with allergists all over North America, analyzing their samples and providing them with reliable, consistent data for their practises. We also provide all of the equipment and supplies for monitoring aeroallergen levels at the locations needed for our clients' research. We can do the same for you! Click here for more information on our sample analysis and monitoring services, and contact us for a quote.

Now accepting Credit Card Payments

To provide more speed and convenience, we now accept payments via major credit cards for our customers located in Canada, the United States, and Japan.

Research is Our Business

A significant portion of our operations is dedicated to pure research in aerobiology. The nature of pollen levels in outdoor air has very complex short-term and long-term relationships with the environment. Gaining an understanding of these relationships allows us to not only create and improve pollen forecasts, but also improve the accuracy and scope of our data and provide better knowledge and advice to our customers.

We are developing cutting-edge methods and tools for data analysis to support our research, incorporating data mining techniques with machine learning methods and multi-dimensional data visualization.

Research papers using our data have been published in various scientific publications. Presentations at medical, aerobiology and government conferences are part of our annual agenda. Our publications index contains a list of papers in which we have been involved.

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2015

Aerobiology Research Laboratories are field experts in outdoor pollen and fungal spore identification. We monitor outdoor allergen levels across Canada and use this information to produce reports and forecasts for media, allergists, research institutions, and pharmaceutical researchers. We use professionally trained staff and standardized procedures to ensure the accuracy and consistency of our results. We export rotation impaction samplers and supplies world-wide, and we can consult and provide support services on any project requiring data on outdoor pollen or spore levels. We would be pleased to provide you with any additional information.

Our mission is to ensure the availability of accurate information on outdoor pollen and spore levels, and to to promote the awareness of the importance of this information to physicians, government agencies, pharmaceutical research, and the public.

We hope that you have found our information useful and all feedback is welcomed. We receive e-mails from many people and we are glad our mission is being accomplished. We may not be able to immediately respond to requests but we will do our best. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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