Allergen Update

One of the primary functions of Aerobiology Research Laboratories is our research in allergen forecasting.

This section of the website gives access to the current allergen forecast for our Canadian sites, as well as generalized information on pollen and spores for each of these locations. We would like to point out that not all spores and pollen found at each location were included, only the prevalent ones were listed. The seasons are also general and can fluctuate from year to year. When describing if the season is light, moderate or heavy we are trying to place each pollen or spore at a level where allergic reactions may occur. Those who are highly sensitized may react to certain allergens when the counts are in the low range whereas others may only react when they are in the moderate or high ranges. Included here, as well, is some detailed information about allergen forecasting and how to interpret the information and what the forecast means with respect to your allergies.

Predictions are broadcast for all sites from the end of March to early October, with the actual start and end dates varying from year to year. Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., because of their climate, are broadcast starting February.

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