Aerobiology Research Laboratories offers a number of consulting services. Our standard consulting fees begin at $190.00 per hour (8 hour minimum) for regions local to Ottawa, and $1370.00 per day plus expenses for regions outside of the Ottawa area.

Aeroallergen Monitoring

We consult on the best practices of sample collection and analysis. This can include identifying best monitoring locations for a region, consulting on installation and configuration of sampling equipment, and instructing station operators on sample collection methodology. We can also consult on appropriate scheduling of monitoring projects for target allergens.

Laboratory Training and Establishment

Our consulting services include training staff in identification and laboratory operations, providing guidance and support in establishing laboratory procedures, and establish computer infrastructure for data entry, storage, and analysis.


We provide talks and seminar presentations on aeroallergens monitoring, research methods, and our statistical findings. We also participate in conferences involving the field of aerobiology.

For those interested in introducing or improving aeroallergen identification to staff or students, we can also provide training sessions on-site at your laboratory for small or large groups.


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