Historical Data

Aerobiology Research Laboratories is the only organization that monitors outdoor pollen and spore levels across Canada on an ongoing basis. We have monitoring stations in more than 30 cities, and daily aeroallergen levels going back more than 10 years in most locations.

This data is available for sale in its raw form as well as in the form of summary reports to fulfill your organization's data needs, whether they relate to marketing an allergy product, supporting clinical trials, or researching trends in health or the environment. Please contact us for a quote or for more information.

Aeroallergen Monitoring

If your organization's data needs are more immediate, we can also provide aeroallergen data for the current year as our monitoring activities progress. We can also provide equipment and analysis services for your own monitoring projects if your data needs are for locations not covered by our current monitoring. Please contact us for more information.

Current Monitoring Sites

The following is the list of sites at which we have ongoing monitoring projects:

Victoria, BC Brandon, MB Ottawa, ON
Vancouver, BC Thunder Bay, ON Montreal (lasalle), PQ
Kelowna, BC Sudbury, ON Sherbrooke, PQ
City-centre, Calgary, AB Windsor, ON Quebec City, PQ
South-West Foothills, Calgary, AB London, ON Fredericton, NB
Edmonton, AB Hamilton, ON Saint John, NB
Prince Albert, SK Barrie, ON Moncton, NB
Saskatoon, SK Toronto (Brampton), ON Charlottetown, PEI
Regina, SK Toronto (Downtown), ON Halifax, NS
Winnipeg, MB Kingston, ON St. John's, NL

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