Spore Allergen

Fusarium sp.

Origin: Found on decaying wood, agriculture crops, soil, humidifiers and the air. Some species are considered important food contaminants (cause food spoilage), and can produce potent toxins. Abundantly produced in humid conditions and released when the air is dry.

Health effects: Considered saprophytic. May be important source of health problems since large numbers do get airborne and they are a common food contaminant. Some species produce potent toxins and when infected food is ingested it can affect the following systems: circulatory, alimentary, skin and nervous. This can also be caused by inhalation of the sores. Symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dermatitis and extensive internal bleeding. Can cause eye, sinusitis, skin and nail infections. Can cause hay fever and asthma. The most common cause of keratomycosis. It has also been isolated from skin lesions in burn patients, in onychomycosis (nail infection), otomycosis, varicose ulcers, mycetoma, osteomyelitis following trauma and disseminated infections.

Last Updated: 02 September 2009

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