Spore Allergen

Imperfect Fungi in General

Origin: A very diverse group or class of fungi. They are very common in the spring and throughout the summer months. The group often has a sexual state which is part of the Ascomycota. They are found on decaying plants, in the soil, decaying food and juices. They can be released in the form of an Ascomycota or in the Imperfect fungi state. The Imperfect Fungi are often found in high numbers in air samples. Many species are considered important in causing allergic reactions. They can grow in food and cause food rot and produce toxins. Most notably two types of Imperfect Fungi that are involved in food rot are Alternaria and Aspergillus / Penicillium. Other species, such as Cladosporium, are very abundant in the air from late spring to late fall. Some species are known to cause allergic reactions especially when found in high numbers on decaying grass or parts of trees or decaying leaves.

Health effects: Many species cause allergic reactions. There are many species that are very small and look very similar which are important allergens but are impossible to differentiate microscopically.

Last Updated: 07 March 2007

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