Spore Allergen

This is an index of the different fungal spores we currently have information for in our database. Please select the name of the spore classification you wish to view.


Ascomycetes in general
Diatrypaceae sp.
Chaetomium sp.
Venturia sp.
Peronospora sp. - common name is Downey mildew
Erysiphe sp., Oospora - common name is Powdery mildew
Leptosphaeria sp. - Phoma
Leptoshpaeria look-alikes


Basidiomycetes in general
Boletus sp.
Coprinus sp.
Ganoderma sp. - common name is the Bracket Fungus
Ustilaginales sp. - common name is Smuts
Uredinales sp. - common name is Rusts

Fungi Imperfecti

Imperfect Fungi in general
Alternaria sp.
Aspergillus sp.
Cercospora sp.
Botrytis sp.
Cladosporium sp.
Curvularia sp.
Drechslera, Bipolaris, and Exserohilum group
Epicoccum sp.
Fusarium sp.
Helicomyces sp.
Nigrospora sp.
Penicillium sp.
Pithomyces sp.
Stemphylium sp.
Torula sp.
Ulocladium sp.

Last Updated: 05 March 2007

NOTE: This list does not, by any means, contain all of the potential disease causing fungal spores that are found in outdoor air samples. Some of them are listed since they appear in such high numbers in our samples others because they are also known to cause disease. Their health affects are not always known.

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